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Forum rules

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Forum rules

Post by Schnee on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:10 pm

Welcome to UF!
Please read the rules before post.

Welcome to UnitedFurs, the furry forum. We are here to connect furry people and meet new friends, but before post, you need to read many rules.
General rules

1.DO NOT post offensive things like pornographic stuff or racist, this forum is not only for +18, is for EVERYBODY, there are kids watching the forum.

2.Post everything in the correct forum. If you have a question, suggestion or whatever, post it in the respective forum.

3.Do not use caps all the time. You can use them, but not a lot. Here are 2 examples:
That's not allowed.
I LIKE this forum
That's allowed.

4.English ONLY. Sorry people, but if you want to talk in other language, do it via PM, if your English is not very good, don't worry, but try your best.

5.Do not use white, the forum skin was changed and is very hard read in white.

6.Don't use SMS or leetspeak.

7.Spam is not allowed, you can't put links to your forum, dA account or FA account, that's going to be considered "SPAM"

8.Flood is not allowed, don't put only 3 words on your post and don't put a lot of emoticons.

9.Multi-post is not allowed, you CAN'T post more than one message if nobody posted another thing, you can do this only if there are no responses in 2 months.

10.Respect ALL the forum members, mods, admins and members.
Graphic content rules
These rules are for drawings, avatars and signatures.

1.Mature content is not allowed.

2.Do not post videos on your signature.

3.You can post only 1 link to a forum or any other page on your signature.

4.Your avatar cannot be very big, the width cannot exceed the 150 pixels, the height cannot exceed 200 pixels and the file size cannot be higher than 64 KB.
ChatBox rules
The ChatBox is now allowed in the forum, but read this rules first.

1.Spam is not allowed, no links to forums, dA or FA.

2.If you are going to put an image, remember that the mature content is NOT allowed.

3.Don't be abusive, insults are not allowed. If you have a problem with an user, resolve it via PM.

4.Have fun!! Razz

Exclamation 100%:You haven't received a warn.
Exclamation 75%:You have received 1 warn.
Exclamation 55%:You have received 2 warns.
Exclamation 30%:You have received 3 warns.
Exclamation 10%:You have received 4 warns.
Exclamation 0%:You are banned.

If you post mature content, you are abusive in the forum or whatever, you will get a warn, the ban could be permanent or not, but if you get a warn, your "Warn bar" will change, and if your warn bar arrives 0%, you are banned.

That's all Wink

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Hello there Guest! Please read the Forum rules before post.

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